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Running has been an important part of my life since high school and college. Before having children I was a teacher for 10 years and I ran several marathons and half marathons. Since having my kids, my focus has been not only on my own running but helping others see the many amazing life lessons it has shown me.


For 8 years I have coached both girl's and boy's running teams, and each and every child finished the season by running a 5K. It was so rewarding to see their sense of accomplishment and confidence emerge as they met their goals. The "Girls on the Run" and "Let Me Run" clubs emphasize positive life skills which help the kids in various areas of their lives. The mind/body connection really helps! Grace and Pace running group is the next chapter of coaching to help participants reach their goals! 


I've had many parents and adult friends ask me if they could do something like that for themselves...the answer is


YES!  Yes, you can run a 5K or more! 
Yes, you can improve your time!  

Yes, you can be a runner! 

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